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I’ve not been on here in over a month. I’m probably not going to use this account anymore unless it’s for references, or important things like the following:

If you follow Steve-O on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you probably know about Steve’s numerous posts about #HackSteveO. If you’ve not, look it up or something.

Steve was actually hacked which is what he asked for, but I’m not standing up for the hackers.

What I’d like to talk about is the fact that they posted way personal information including his Social Security Number, email, cell phone number, address(es), and his family’s addresses and phone numbers.

If you’ve gotten any of these or other things from the page, it’s very respectful that you DO respect his/his family’s privacy and do NOT contact him on any of these things. It’s very disrespectful, and very disrespectful of the people who hacked O’s Twitter to post this shit.

I don’t know if he’s actually been affected by this, or is just going to laugh it off. But I just wanted to make this post about what happened overnight in case people who’ve seen this have tried calling his phone or something.

i barely post on here anymore and i feel really bad but i might just come on here every once in a while now

i’m on my other blog at least once a day so if you wanna follow me there you’re very much free to do so


So! I met Mat Hoffman and Streetbike Tommy on Saturday! :3

i feel really bad for not being on here anymore :(

h e  M a t a d o r